Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage was first created in 1812 in the University of Stockholm by a physiologist named Henri Peter Ling.  Otherwise referred to as "Classic Massage" it is the most well known and popular type and, with it's 5 basic techniques, it forms the base of many other massage therapies.

Techniques in Swedish Massage

The long gliding strokes of Effleurage help the muscles to relax and can ease any tension held.  It also increases the blood flow and helps to improve the bodies circulation.

The kneading technique of Petrissage moves and stretches the muscle, increasing elasticity and working to free the muscle of adhesions and tension.

Tapotement gives a beating sensation and is great for invigorating and waking up the muscles, this is used on the more fleshy areas of the body and can be a little noisy.

The use of vibrations promote blood flow and nutrients to the area and can be used to help relax the muscles.

Frictions are used to work into the muscle fibres to loosen adhesions and knots.